Yes, I am a Solo Practitioner and I Love it:

I am a one-person-show.  You may be asking yourself, how is one person qualified enough to run an entire law practice? Check out my Bio page.  I began at the bottom of the chain and worked my way up over the past 14 years.  I started out stuffing envelopes at a local law office in Chalmette, Louisiana when I was 18 years old. Since then, I worked my way up the chain to a legal secretary, eventually to paralegal, then to law clerk, and finally to lawyer.  

Working in these various legal positions gave me a tremendous amount of experience and insight regarding how to run a law practice. For example, I learned bookkeeping, client billing, word processing strategies, how to conduct legal research, how to write legal pleadings, how to electronically file documents, timekeeping, how to maintain a paperless law firm, and the ins and outs of several court houses, among other important law office tasks. These tasks come very easily to me now, so I am free to actually lawyer.  Every lawyer should have to work in every position required of a law firm throughout law school.  Law school simply does not provide real world experience, so I am thankful to have had the opportunities that I did to work in so many legal positions before opening my own practice.  

The Story Behind my Logo

Why did I choose Newton's Cradle for my logo?  I am no physicist, that's for sure, but the theories behind Newton's Cradle do remind me of an important civil law doctrine here in Louisiana, called "jurisprudence constante" (French). The doctrine means that, unlike the rest of the country (which subscribes to the common law doctrine), decisions made by judges, while highly persuasive, do not control in future cases. In other words, judges do not make the law here in Louisiana, the legislature does.  Whereas, across the rest of the country, judges' decisions are considered law.  

The theories behind Newton's Cradle state that total momentum and total energy are constant and unchanging. Thus, oddly enough, the civil law doctrine of jurisprudence constante and Newton's Cradle have something in common: consistency.  Civil law is the bedrock of Louisiana law.  I apply it everyday in my practice and now I have a symbol of it in my logo.    

What to Expect From Me

Undivided Attention, Compassion and Honesty  

Expect my undivided attention.  The moment we begin a meeting together, I shut off my phone and I do not return emails. I shut the door, so we can have "quality time".  Quality time, to me, means uninterrupted conversation between me and you.  To be a great lawyer, you have to first be a great listener, so my first goal is always to hear your story.  If I miss a phone call during quality time with another client or for any other reason (e.g. I'm in court or a deposition), I make a point to call back within one (1) business day.  The same rule of thumb applies to emails.  

Expect to be treated with compassion.  My office is your office and I want you to feel at ease.  Client care and comfort is of utmost importance to me.  I will never simply dismiss your problems.  Instead, I'll listen with compassion and do my very best to help you solve your problems.  You are always taken seriously in my office. 

Expect an honest assessment of your case.  I will never set unrealistic expectations for your case.  I'll always give you an honest assessment, so you are not in the dark about what could happen. In the practice of law, there are always so many possible outcomes and there are no absolutes.  The better informed you are about your options, the better decisions you'll make going forward.  Informed guidance is my goal in every case I undertake.  You are the boss and you make the major decisions.  I just inform you of your options.  

Firm Culture

Enjoy a Relaxed Atmosphere.  Never feel obligated to dress up to meet with me. It's unnecessary and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible when we meet.  

Snacks.  I am known to offer Angelo Brocato's Biscotti (almond cookies) to my clients, along with complimentary refreshments.